Our Approach

We believe your home or business is a vital investment and a necessity in this journey through life. We combine centuries old technology with modern roll-forming in order to provide our clients with an attractive, affordable, wind and hail resistant, painted steel suit of armor for the top of your home or business. We also appreciate a good challenge and enjoy mixing sheet metals into other exterior applications for your home or business to truly set you apart from the rest.

Our Story

Mike Riegle began his journey in the trades in the early 80's. Always striving for more, Mike became a licensed builder and began trying to find a niche in the market, something others didn't do. so in 1999, Mike sold his gutter business and got out of building homes. Focused solely on architectural metal roofing and metal exterior cladding, Mike began to build relationships with general contractors around the state. Today, Mike's sons Nick and Milo have joined him. Together, with their exceptional crew members, Mike, Nick and Milo still continue building relationships around the state and still hold themselves to the highest standards in Architectural Metal.

Now that we've introduced ourselves...

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