You've got Questions? We've got the answers!

What’s your warranty policy?

Riegle Exteriors provides an installation warranty against leaks for as long as we remain in business! In short, we stand tall next to our workmanship! (This does not include leaks caused as a result of intentional or accidental damage to the roof system i.e: tree falling on home, intentionally drilling holes into roof system, etc.)

The paint coating on our painted steel roof systems can cover up to 35 years (dependent on gauge and color selection). This is a manufacturer warranty provided by our painted steel coil supplier and it is non-prorated and transferable. This means if it fades, cracks, blisters or peels within 35 years, our supplier will cover necessary replacement costs. It also means it stays with the house or business if you plan to sell in the future. Think of it as a long term investment.

What is your service area?

We happily work all over the Lower Peninsula of Michigan as well as the Eastern side of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

How much does a metal roof cost?

We're Glad you asked! On average a metal roof can nearly double the cost of a traditional asphalt shingle system. However, we understand each project is different and our prices are based entirely on the complexity of the roof design. The simpler the roof design the lower the cost of the installation.

Is Standing Seam noisy when it rains?

No, thanks to modern building techniques and insulation, you will notice no difference inside of your home when it is raining. The only time a Standing Seam roof system will generate noise in the rain is if it is an open ceiling design in which you can physically see the bottom of the panels, for example: inside of a pole-building utilizing Standing Seam installed over purlins.

What do I do with the incredible amount of snow shooting off my roof?

Luckily for you we also install our color matched "Snow Fence" Snow-retention system which keeps the snow on the roof until it can melt and drain off. This prevents massive mound of snow and ice from sliding off your roof onto unsuspecting people or from blocking you in your garage! Just ask for it to be included in your estimate.

What colors are available?

We have 36 colors available to choose from, ranging from traditional solid colors to specialty painted metallic coatings. We not only offer painted steel. We also offer bare 22 gauge steel to allow for a natural rust patina, copper, aluminum and even zinc! Give us a call and we can sit down with you and go over options.

Are Standing Seam Metal Roofs capable of mounting Solar Panels?

Yes! In Fact, it's almost as though the two products were designed to be married together. Solar panels can be mounted directly to your roof panels without penetrating the steel and creating a potential leak point. The mounting hardware clamps to the ribs of the roof, and keeps the panels raised up off the Standing Seam, allowing snow, water and leaves to flow effortlessly beneath them without ever entering your home or business.