Residential Standing Seam - Color: Vintage

Oxford, MI

From just another home in the subdivision, to the envy of her neighbors. This 24 Gauge steel roof system was installed in just 7.5 days and will last for decades to come with little to no signs of aging!

Commercial Standing Seam - Color: Musket Gray

Metamora, MI

This large building amassed to just north of 35,000 square feet of roof surface with some panels reaching over 70 feet! This 24 gauge Standing Seam Steel roof system provides both an iron-hide skin to the top of the building AND a beautiful compliment to the already magnificent structure.

Custom Exterior and Roof - Lead Coated Copper

Bloomfield Hills, MI

One-of-a-kind home in Southern Michigan featuring a Lead-Coated copper half round roof complete with Lead-Coated Copper Custom Siding accents in the Gable Ends. The natural patina of this product is absolutely gorgeous!