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Our SL1000 Standing Seam Panel System comes with a variety of colors to uniquely set your home or business apart from the rest! Style and beauty are not the only positive factors influencing a major movement towards metal roofing: There is a 35 year, non-prorated warranty on the paint system that is fully transferable in the event you sell your home. This warranty protects your roof from paint failures such as chipping, peeling, cracking and fading. It is also considered an Energy Star compliant roof system, is made entirely of recyclable material and is impact resistant. In fact, most major insurance companies will give a discount on homeowner polices since the roof is so durable and completely fire proof!

In addition to our SL1000 system, we offer our Snow Fence snow retention system to prevent crushing avalanches of snow and ice from piling up onto your driveway or worse, injuring someone as it slides down from the roof. This system is made from the same material the roof system is made from and is completely color matched, this allows it to blend it rather nicely.

Did you know that Standing Seam Roof Systems are modular and considered a "Green" building material? Of course they are! With the ever higher demand in renewable resources and Eco-friendly power solutions, a Standing Seam Roof System is the ideal choice. Roof mounted solar panels can easily be attached to the ribs of the metal panels without penetrating the metal and creating a potential leak in the roof. Perfect for off-grid applications or suburban home-owners and business owners looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Unlike asphalt shingles, which is a petroleum based product created with fiberglass and asphalt aggregate, Steel is completely recyclable and can be re-used over and over again. Much better than asphalt shingles which continue to pile up in Michigan landfills by the ton each month.


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