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Riegle Metals, LLC can trace its roots back to 2001 when Mike Riegle, Milo’s Dad, installed his first Standing Seam roof system and quickly realized the issues surrounding typical “crate and freight” roof systems that are offered across the industry. Mike often ran into misorders, damaged panels or trims, incorrect fasteners and clips, and headache upon headache. It wasn’t long before he realized that owning his own roll-form machine would prevent those issues and tremendously reduce waste. In 2004, Mike purchased a brand new Zimmerman Commercial Roll-Former and he immediately noticed a difference in the quality of the panel and the speed in which he could acquire materials.

In April of 2019, Milo formed Riegle Metals, LLC in order to separate the manufacturing side of the business from the installation side. Knowing that many people can benefit from on-site roll-forming and complete turn-key roof systems, Milo decided to start selling to other companies, and has developed great relationships with builders, building owners and roofers across Michigan.

Riegle Metals, LLC is a SDVOB (Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business) with Milo having served 8 years in the United States Marine Corps as a CH53-E Helicopter Airframe Mechanic, specializing in hydraulics and sheet metals.

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Many project managers and homeowners worry about the extra expense that comes along with choosing a standing seam metal roof. However, it is important to consider the long-term positives of making this investment. Our roofing is made to outlast almost any other roofing option on the market. While the paint is warrantied for 35 years, the roof itself will last decades beyond this warranty. A standing seam metal roof gives you peace of mind in knowing that your building has the best possible protection from rain, sleet, snow, and anything else the Michigan weather may throw at it.

We can manufacture panels in 26 ga, which is the lightest and most frequently used in the residential industry, 24-gauge, which is our standard, and even 22-gauge for heavy duty needs or unique situations where the span rating needs to be pushed.

Our panels have a paint warranty for 35 years on standard colors. This covers the roof system from paint chalking, fading, cracking, peeling or blistering and is available from our coil and flat supplier CMG (Coated Metals Group).

There are roofs across Michigan that have standing seam from the turn of the century that are still fully functional and free of leaks. The lifespan of the roof really depends on the quality of installation and the attention paid to detail. With proper installation and maintenance, a standing seam metal roof will outlast almost every other type of roofing available on the market today.

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With our on-site manufacturing capabilities and team of experienced installers ready to provide on-site field support, our goal is to ensure your install goes as smoothly as possible, and result in a standing seam metal roof that will withstand the elements for decades.